Who Does Your Agent Know?


Prior to signing on the dotted line, almost always a client or potential client will ask me how I plan on selling (marketing) their property to the buyers in that price range. Of course, every agent has a passable answer at the ready, or should. The bigger question, I think, is what is the best answer. Some will say some assortment of the following: high-def pics, virtual tour, enhanced listings on major 3rd party websites, drone pics/video, Facebook Live, MLS, company websites, SEO optimization, etc.

Seriously, those are all considered standard these days and then some. If a full-time agent isn’t doing those basics these days then your home is behind the marketing curve. However none of those things will sell your home as fast as the next marketing tool I’m going to mention. Over 80% of all homes sold in the USA are sold via MLS affiliation and cooperating brokers. So assuming every agent is doing the majority of the aforementioned marketing techniques, then it begs the question of what is the best step to take for an agent to rise above the pack and sell your home faster than the next agent?

Have you heard the saying, “it’s not what you know but who you know”? Thought so. There are so many really knowledgeable agents in the business who sing a good song but aren’t connected with the top buyer agents or teams that can get the listing sold quicker for top dollar. Well-marketed properties get their attention but if two or more are similar and those agents know your listing agent from past experiences etc., and not the other, then chances are your home gets priority attention.

If your agent doesn’t say they personally contact the top 5 agents in sold sales in your particular neighborhood or has some of the top 10 area agents on speed dial then it should give you pause. I have sold many more properties personally contacting agents than doing drone videos. It may be old school but it sure works!! Still….drones are pretty cool.

Glenn Drake Brown
Principal Broker/Owner
James River Realty Group LLC